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We are the partner of choice for
HVAC Service Providers in Canada

Groupe Climate Integéré

Our Investment Approach

Acquire majority stakes in well-established and profitable HVAC businesses, partnering with existing owners to scale operations and maximize the value of their companies. Target companies with strong market positions, experienced management teams, and proven track records.



Groupe Climate Intégré

ClimateIntegre is an investment group acquiring majority stakes in established HVAC companies across Quebec. Our strategy focuses on partnering with existing owners to drive growth through acquisitions and operational improvements.


We provide better access to capital, resources, and guidance to scale operations and maximize the value of partner companies while allowing owners to retain brand equity and a stake in the business.

ClimateIntegre aims to consolidate the fragmented HVAC market in Quebec, leveraging the sector's stable demand and growth potential under a larger platform.

The ideal next step

For Founders and Operators

Many of us at Canadian Transfer Group have been in the position of the entrepreneur and seen the same challenges you have. We understand what growing a business with integrity really takes. We look beyond the numbers and have a sincere appreciation for what it took to the business to get there. 

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