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We invest in lower middle-market HVAC companies based in Québec

Our team is passionate about creating value in our portfolio companies.

Investment Focus

High Growth

Double-digit revenue and EBITDA growth

High Return on Assets

Asset-light, low capex, low working capital and attractive unit economics

Market Leaders

Industry leaders with high relative market share and sustainable competitive advantage

Strong Management

Proven management team with track record of organic growth


Majority ownership with significant management rollover and incentive equity

Low to Mid-Market Focus


$ 1 - 5 M


$ 200K - 1.00 M


Partnership, Buyout & Succession

Sector Focus

Residential HVAC

Commercial HVAC

Full Service

Does your business fit our criteria?

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Many of us Groupe Climate Intégré have been in the position of the entrepreneur and seen the same challenges you have. We understand what growing a business with integrity really takes.

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