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Groupe Climate Intégré

Who We Are

Climate Integre is a private equity firm dedicated to acquiring and partnering with HVAC companies across Quebec. Our unique investment strategy combines capital resources with operational expertise to drive growth, consolidation, and value creation in this highly fragmented industry.

HVAC Investment Firm Montreal
HVAC Investment Firm Montreal

Our Mission

Acquire majority stakes in well-established and profitable HVAC businesses, partnering with existing owners to scale operations and maximize the value of their companies. Target companies with strong market positions, experienced management teams, and proven track records.

Our Vision

Provide growth capital, operational resources, industry expertise, and strategic guidance to partner companies. Empower owners to focus on core operations while benefiting from Climate Integre’s support. Allow owners to retain brand equity, a stake in their companies, and a path to liquidity and succession.

HVAC Investment Firm Montreal
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